Quantum Shadows by L.E. Modesitt : Review

On a world called Heaven, the ten major religions of mankind each have its own land governed by a capital city and ruled by a Hegemon. That Hegemon may be a god, or a prophet of a god. Smaller religions have their own towns or villages of belief.

Corvyn, known as the Shadow of the Raven, contains the collective memory of humanity’s Falls from Grace. With this knowledge comes enormous power.

When unknown power burns a mysterious black image into the holy place of each House of the Decalivre, Corvyn must discover what entity could possibly have that much power. The stakes are nothing less than another Fall, and if he doesn’t stop it, mankind will not rise from the ashes.

I’ve honestly been a little bit unsure of how or where to start my review of this book. While I do read and enjoy some science fiction, it’s not really my favorite genre, but as a huge fan of L.E. Modesitt Jr’s I read pretty much everything he publishes. One of the things I can say with complete honestly is that I enjoyed every moment I spent reading Quantum Shadows and would happily read any sequels or spin-off stories that Modesitt may decide to write. With the madness going on right now I haven’t had a lot of time to read lately but I’m glad that this was one of the books I chose to sit down with!

I do have to say that while I did enjoy it, there was a lot that I didn’t understand or manage to follow very well with my first read through and I still struggle with some of it after having read it a second time. Modesitt’s books (especially the Recluce books!) are often fairly philosophical but I felt like Quantum Shadows was even more so than usual! There wasn’t very much action in this book and instead, it seemed to mostly be a journey of understanding and discovery for Corvyn as he sampled the cultures of various worlds as he attempted to solve the mystery of an unknown religious symbol being burned into religious buildings across his world.

I will say that while a lot of this book confused me, it did ask a lot of questions that had me wondering about the answers long after I had finished reading it. I think any book that can suck you into the story as this one did with me and then stick with you days after you finished reading it is a complete winner in my eyes and well worth the time and money spent to buy and read it. With Quantum Shadows L.E. Modesitt Jr has once again proven that he is a fantastic author who’s worldbuilding and characterization was once again completely on point. I’ve read this book twice and I already know I’m going to read it a third time sometime soon.

I would very happily recommend this book to anyone looking for something new and different to read but would warn any fans of MOdesitt’s other books that I don’t think Quantum Shadows is quite like anything he’s written before and not to go into it expecting anything like a Recluce or Imager Portfolio story.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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