Tut: My Epic Battle To Save The World by P.J. Hoover

Tut sets out to find his brother and protector, Gil, who has gone missing from their Washington, D.C., town house. Tut discovers that Gil is being held prisoner by the Egyptian god Apep. With the help of the Sun god, Ra, Gil managed to vanquish Apep thousands of years ago, and now the god is back for vengeance. It’s up to Tut and his friends Tia and Henry to stop Apep before he succeeds in his evil scheme to swallow the sun and plunge the world into darkness forever.

I’ve enjoyed reading about Egyptian mythology and history since I was a little kid, it was one of my favorite subjects to read about in school so I was pretty excited to receive a copy of this book in the mail. I’m glad I can say that my excitement was more than justified — Tut: My Epic Battle to Save the World by P.J. Hoover was a fast-paced and exciting read full of action and adventure from beginning to end. I was unable to put the book down once I had started and I was actually half way through it before I even realized it was the second book in a series, which I think is a good indicator of how much I enjoyed it.

While this may be marketed as a middle-grade book I think it’s a great example of why you shouldn’t let a book’s target audience dissuade you from reading it. P.J. Hoover is a fantastic author and I think she did a great job bring the story and it’s characters to live. The fact that this is a middle-grade book obviously didn’t stop Hoover from doing her homework when it came to research. I thought the story was full of interesting tidbits about Egyptian history and mythology.

While I liked almost everything about this book I would have to say the thing that impressed me most were the characters. I found it surprisingly easy to connect and empathize with Tutankhamun considering the fact that he’s an ancient Egyptian pharaoh stuck in the body of a 14-year-old boy. Reading about him trying to navigate the pitfalls of middle school while hiding who and what he is has been one of the highlights of my week. My only complaint would be that I found the conversations and romance aspect of the book a bit cringe worthy at times, though that may be fitting for a book aimed at a younger audience.

I would gladly recommend this book to kids and adults alike, I think there is something in it for everyone. Tut: My Epic Battle to Save the World is well written with an interesting plot and full of characters it’s easy to fall in love with. I’ve already purchased the first book in the series and I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel to this one because I am dying to see what happens next with Tut and his friends.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



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