Magicians Impossible by Brad Abraham : Review

Bartender Jason Bishop’s world is shattered when his estranged father Daniel seemingly commits suicide, but the greater shock comes when he learns his father was a secret agent in the employ of the Invisible Hand; an ancient society of spies wielding magic in a centuries-spanning war. Now the Golden Dawn; the shadowy cabal of witches and warlocks responsible for Daniel Bishop’s murder, and the death of Jason’s mother years before, have Jason in their sights. His survival will depend on mastering his own dormant magic abilities; provided he makes it through the training.

From New York, to Paris, to worlds between worlds, Jason’s journey through the realm of magic will be fraught with peril. But with enemies and allies on both sides of this war, whom can he trust? The Invisible Hand, who’ve been more of a family than his own family ever was? The Golden Dawn, who may know the secrets behind his mysterious lineage? For Jason Bishop, only one thing is for certain; the magic he has slowly been mastering is telling him not to trust anybody.

This is one of those books that kept showing up on my suggested reading list so I decided it would be a good book to request a copy of so I could at least give it a try. It’s a bit weird but while I was reading it I found Magicians Impossible by Brad Abraham to be a fast-paced and action-packed read that I was unable to put down once I had started it. It was only after I had finished reading it and thought back on the story that I asked myself how I even managed to finish it.

It’s always weird to get so sucked into a book that you’re unable to put it down and you end up reading it in a single sitting only to think back on the story and realize you can’t honestly say that you enjoyed it all that much. It’s doubly weird for Magicians Impossible because I thought the story was pretty well written and I absolutely loved the magic system in it. It took me a bit to figure it out but the problem for me is that there wasn’t a single character in the book that I enjoyed reading about. I found Jason and everyone he meets over the course of the book surprisingly unlikeable.

Though to be fair I have to say this is probably just a reflection on what I enjoy and look for in the characters of a book. I think this is going to be a book that most fans of urban fantasy end up loving, it just didnt’t really strike much of a chord with me. Although like any other debut novel I read, I’m definitely going to give the series a second chance and read the sequel whenever it comes out.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



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