My Travels with Eos by Chris Bemis : Review


What path of evolution would humans take during interstellar travel? Enter the Nyx, a species that has traveled to the far reaches of space. They found Earth, and sent a delegation to share their culture. One such nyx, Eos Cerul, breaks protocol and enters Earth without permission. She takes human form and seeks to experience the quaint nuances of human nature. In the Adirondack State Park, NY, she encounters her first human, Alex Wesley. Eos invites Alex to explore the mysteries of the nyx datastream, where consciousness is translated to waves of energy and the universe can be explored at the speed of light. However, Eos’ transgressions catch up with her, and the pair discover the violent forces at work against them. In a mutual struggle for survival, they come to understand what it means to be Nyx, and what it means to be human. ~ From

My Travels with Eos is an intellectual and addictive début novel by Chris Bemis. Through it, he introduces a strong scientific foundation, with highly intelligent characters which frequently had me searching through Google to get a better understand of the theories and concepts used to help establish and understanding of the Nyx; an interplanetary race.

Interspersed with mythological references,  interstellar and split-conscious travel, nacho and sushi recipes, and compelling characters; My Travels with Eos is an innovative novel which will have your mouth-watering for more.

It’s been a long time since my last foray into the realm of Science Fiction; and in comparison to my recollection of other works, Bemis’ novel may seem overdone with his language and description. However, once a pace has been established (and possibly Google/a dictionary ready to help out at times), his writing is far from overwhelming and is in fact, refreshing and thought-inspiring.. With his attention to detail, and unique descriptions, Bemis offers a new way to describe and think about daily sights and activities. Readers will find it easy to both visualize the worlds he has created, and share the character’s experiences.

I believe a sequel can be expected in the future.. As hinted at, in the back of the novel. “As for Alex, Eos, and Jamie, let’s just say that there’s interesting happenings ahead…”


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