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Sins of the Angels by Linda Poitevin : Review


A word to describe a condition in which people see, feel and hear things. Impossible things.
Things like wings, and an angelic aura around one’s partner; an indescribable energy.
Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis, with a haunting past that threatens to engulf her, must face this madness. Even the slight possibility that it could all be real must be ignored for the sake of  sanity.

When a Fallen Angel serial killer is loose in Toronto, the police force is going all out to find the killer. With no connections among the murder victims, and no evidence whatsoever; this mission seems all but impossible. However, when Alex’s new partner Jacob Trent – who she can’t stand, and has rising feelings of confusion regarding her reaction to his touch –  reveals that he can sense the killer and can feel it when he’s killing, a glimmer of hope painted with impossibility is found. With the future and continued existence of mortals rests on their shoulders; tough decisions will have to be made.  Alex must challenge the warring sides of impossibility, incredulity and insanity, and work with her partner, Jacob Trent (Aramael) or else all will be doomed.

In Linda Poitevin’s novel SINS OF THE ANGELS book one of The Grigori Legacy, she masterly weaves a tale with believable characters, fast-paced action and unanswered questions which will have readers turning the pages in eager desire to learn the answer to. Sins of the Angels is a paranormal thriller with romance and mystery spun throughout the story, adding tension between the characters and will have readers holding their breath in worry over Alex and Aramael.

Overall, I’d give Sins of the Angels a 4/5 rating. The execution of the story was great, the characters were believable and people you could genuinely come to care about. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone loves mystery, paranormal fantasy and kick-ass angels! I’m looking forward to the continuation of the Grigori Legacy: Sins of the Son, coming Spring 2012!

The expected release date for Sins of the Angels is September 27th, 2011.

Linda’s Twitter: @lindapoitevin


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