Adventure Hunters by Cody L. Martin – Review



Artorius, Regina, and Lisa, three adventurers explore ruins and ancient buildings looking for treasures. When they come across a collection of war machines, they race to find the Lambda Driver, the key to restoring the machines. They must find it before their ruler, King Ryvas, does. If Ryvas finds it first, he will unleash their destructive power on the neighboring kingdom. – source

Adventure Hunters is an interesting concept, with a unique and creative world. However, his world is unrefined and his writing needs more work. Cody L. Martin has potential as an author, there is no doubt of his creativity, and passion for fantasy. Martin however, needs more practice in the art of description.

One of the main issues of this novel was the redundancy, and overuse of description. There were instances in the novel where Martin would spend a page or so describing a character, only to have one of our three protagonists sum them up in a few short sentences later; wasting the readers time and detracting from the story. As well, he describes things the characters aren’t able to see and have no affect on their location, actions, or the progress of the story — on the very first pages he describes on of the main characters (Artorius) in precise details down to the colour of his underclothes. Unnecessary, and a headache to read.

Hopefully with time and discipline Martin will be able to fine-tune his writing abilities in order to more ably express his thoughts and ideas in the written form. The potential is there, but with more editing and the cutting out extraneous details he could have a compelling tale.

For the time being, Martin’s Adventure Hunters is not one I would recommend to anyone.

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  1. Sophie I. Pennington

    You said worldbuilding is one of your favorite aspects of the writing process, and it is something you’re very good at. Which world that you created is your favorite? How much more information do you have about your worlds that don’t make it into the final book?


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