Sins of the Son by Linda Poitevin : Review


** This review may contain spoilers.
My review for book 1 : Sins of the Angels may be found here.

Humanity is on the doorsteps of Armageddon, and their only hope lies upon the shoulders of one man — a man who can’t remember who he is, or what his purpose is.

After seeing a photo of Seth Benjamin, Homicide Detective Alexandra Jarvis must travel to Vancouver, as the only mortal aware of his true nature, and of mankind’s impending doom. Still recovering from her last run-in with Angels and the Powers, Alex must do what she can to help Seth remember his true quest, and protect him from the forces of Heaven and Hell.

Aramael, now an exiled angel, and pawn of Heaven’s desires, will stop at nothing to fulfill his orders to kill Seth and redeem himself in the eyes of his Creator. When his course meets up with Alex, his soul-mate, he must struggle against an inner turmoil against his feeling for her, and his need to oppose her and destroy Seth.

Sins of the Son is an enthralling tale of Good vs Evil, with a unique spin that will cause readers to devour the book and beg for more. Linda Poitevin has a great mastery over creating complex and believable characters; while in many tales Lucifer is pure evil, and Michael is good, she manages to flesh out their motivations, and while many characters are motivated by one kind of love or another, it’s by no means a romance novel. She also explores some of the grey-scale of the characters, rather than the black and white of good and evil.

Sins of the Son is a well-written, fantastic, “Omg.. why isn’t the next book out yet?! — I need more!” kind of book, that makes a great follow-up to Poitevin’s debut-novel Sins of the Angels. It’s an excellently written fast-paced dark paranormal fantasy. For the most part, it was easy to keep track of all the different story lines (though, there were times when I found it confusing trying to remember who was who, though I believe I should have done a reread of the first book before reading this, which would have clarified everything). Poitevin really has outdone herself in this sequel.

I don’t believe a release date is set yet for Sins of the Righteous (Book three of the Grigori Legacy), but I expect I`ll be writing a review once it’s been released.

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