Miles Cameron Name Reveal!

Do you wanna know a secret?

It’s about a Tyrant Red Knight, who, using Poseidon’s Spear, joined with Washington and Ceasar to become King of the Bosporus and killed Alexander: God of War. In the years that followed, he earned many names — Destroyer of Cities, and Killer of Men to name a few. Thus did he become known as the Ill-Made Knight, and in the years that followed, his blade become hearkened as The Fell Sword

Or, wait, no.. Scratch that. That’s definitely not the secret. What I meant to say is that, (if you haven’t already found out via his Facebook pages) I’m honoured with the opportunity to reveal Miles Cameron’s (author of Traitor Son Cycle) identity. Miles Cameron is the pen name for the critically acclaimed historical fiction author, Christian Cameron; author of the Tyrant series. (Not, in fact, his cousin, as he’s been telling fans over on Facebook for the past while.)

Christian Cameron is a Canadian novelist, who was educated and trained as both an historian and a former career officer in the US Navy. His The Traitor Son Cycle, published by Gollancz/Orbit, under the name of Miles Cameron was his first foray into an alternative fantastical setting. Christian is a dedicated reenactor, and historian — both of which he brings into his novels, writing realistic battles, and weaving in his in-depth knowledge of a variety of different historical periods. His latest novel, The Great King was released earlier this year.

His next book, The Fell Sword, which is the sequel to “Miles Cameron’s” The Red Knight is set to be released 30 January, 2014 in the UK, and March 11th in the US. Or, for the impatient reader, the Kindle edition was released January 16th.

The Fell Sword is available for pre-order on Amazon:

Find him on Facebook:
Christian G. Cameron’s Author Page
The Red Knight’s Page

On the web:
Christian Cameron: http://www.hippeis.com/
Miles Cameron: http://www.traitorson.com/

Official Reveal from Gollancz

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