Editing Services



Proofreading: 0.8c/word
Copy-editing: 0.9c/word
Substantive Editing: 1-1.5c/word (see below)

This is a more quantitative analysis than copy-editing or substantive editing. In this, we will review a nearly finished copy/reproduction of what the product will look like. This includes checking new text (such as captions and titles which may have been added after an initial copy edit), missing or repeated elements, as well as looking at aesthetic issues. Such issues include, but are not limited to, too many end-of-line hyphens, and making sure that elements match one another.

Copy-editing includes searching through the text to ensure that there aren’t any grammar, spelling, punctuation, or tense errors. We will also look for sequential slip-ups in the text. This service is included with substantive edits.

Substantive Editing
We will do a line-by-line read through of your manuscript with a critical eye, making copy-editing revisions, giving suggestions on (for books and stories) plot lines, the revamping of characters, or any other developmental changes. Substantive editing looks more at the big picture than the fine details.

Depending on the word count of your text, the pricing will fall into different tiers for substantive edits.

Up to 30k words: 1.5c/word
30k-60k words: 1.3c/word
60k-90k words: 1.1c/word
90k words+: 1c/word

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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We use a variation of the Standard Freelance Editorial Agreement, as provided by the Editors’ Association of Canada.

Unless you request otherwise, we will be using the Chicago Manual of Style: 16th edition whilst doing our edits.