In a Time of Treason By David Keck : Review

In a Time of Treason, book two of the Tales of Durand, continues the gripping story of Durand Col, a man at the heart of a nation divided in David Keck’s acclaimed and gritty epic fantasy.

Fighting under the banner of Lord Lamoric, Durand and his companions have thwarted a mad duke’s ambition and saved the crown, but their victory has brought them scars, empty purses, and little else. The fragile peace they forged with their sacrifices cannot hold. Too many barons have plotted against the king, driving him to vengeful madness, sending the kingdom into chaos.

Can Durand’s loyalties and the land of his birth survive the forces that threaten to tear them asunder during a time of treason?

I’ve only recently finished In a Time of Treason by David Keck and man I have no idea where to start with what I thought of it. I mean, the first thing that really came to mind when I finally finished the last page of the book was what an idiot I was for waiting so many years to read this series. In the Eye of Heaven was great when I read it earlier this year but I think In a Time of Treason is so much better in almost every way possible. I would suggest if anyone is waiting to read these books like I was that they just go out and get the first book now, you can thank me for recommending such a great story later. I had a lot of plans for what I was going to do with my day off today but all I ended up doing all day is reading this book and it was so worth it.

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised by how much I liked this book considering how dark and grim the story is, I usually like my fantasy a bit more light-hearted and fun. This is a world though where the rich and powerful live their lives in opulence and gluttony while the poor and the weak starve and die in the streets and no one seems to care. It seems like the only thing people care about in this book is power and money and everyone seems willing to do whatever they have to get both of those things.

I think that’s why I love Durand Col so much as a character and think he makes the perfect protagonist for this series. I can’t help but feel like Durand is a good man trying to survive in an uncaring and unforgiving world and it’s interesting to see how his own desire for wealth and power changes him over the course of this book. I can’t say much without spoiling things but I think it’s safe to say that after his loyalties are tested so drastically in this book that the Durand Col we got to know in the first book isn’t the same Durand Col we see at the end of this one. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book and how Durand will react to everything once again.

The only thing that really bothered me in this book is I felt like there was a bit too much dialogue at times when I expected there to be fighting. Happily, I don’t think that really affected how good this book is for the most art and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new epic fantasy series to read. Though I would definitely suggest reading In The Eye of Heaven first otherwise you will have no idea what’s really going on.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 




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